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The Smithmade Story

Smithmade Essentials is fueled by a passion for the creative and all things handmade.

Hi! I'm Kiah Smith, the maker behind Smithmade Essentials. It's my goal to create soaps and other essentials using quality ingredients and sustainable materials.

How It All Began

My interest in soap making started with bath bombs. Bath bombs are fun, fragrant and gave me a reason to slow down, relax and pamper myself. As I dove headlong into the bath bomb market, I came across artisan soaps. I quickly learned that soap can be incredibly creative.

I'm a creative and DIY enthusiast through and through so it didn't take long for me to start making my own soap. I had never considered that soap could be designed, enhanced and crafted to such a high degree. I noticed that the soap I was making felt better on my skin compared to the standard bars I was used to buying. I shared what I made with friends and family and they said the same.

The soap I make gently cleanses with high-quality ingredients. Learn more about the ingredients used to create my soap.
Smithmade Essentials is a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.