Smithmade Essentials is fueled by a passion for creativity, sustainability, and all things handmade.

Thoughtfully crafted

All of our products are handcrafted in small batches. We are constantly working to make our business more sustainable and eco-friendly by removing plastic from our packaging, sourcing our materials from suppliers that share our values, and formulating our products with quality ingredients.

Designs that shimmer

Smithmade Essentials isn't just a soap and candle company, it's creative expression. From hand-piped flowers to sprinkles of gold, we enjoy creating collections that challenge what can be done with soap. Our collections rotate seasonally so there's always something new try.

Watch how it's made

Cup of Tea Artisan Soap

Meet the maker

Hi, I'm Kiah.

I founded Smithmade Essentials at the end of 2018 after learning about the art of handmade soap and spending the year honing the craft. My passion for creativity is what got me started and has continued to inspire me to create new collections with unique designs.

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