The Smithmade Story

Smithmade Essentials is fueled by a passion for creativity, sustainability, and all things handmade.

How It All Began

Hi, I'm Kiah, the founder of Smithmade Essentials. The spark that became Smithmade Essentials started back in 2018 when I discovered the wildly creative world of artisan soap. As a creative and DIY enthusiast, it didn't take long for me to design and make my first batch of soap. I was captivated by the process and dove headlong into the world of soap making.

At my roots, I'm a designer. For over 10 years I've worked with clients to build their brands. This type of work keeps me at the computer for long hours so when I discovered soap making I was excited to have a hobby that took me away from the screen. However, the designer in me soon started thinking that soap making could be more than a hobby. By then, I had begun making more soap than me or my family needed. I was happy with the recipe I'd formulated and I had accumulated enough supplies to build a small inventory. If I began selling my soap then I could make as much as I wanted without worrying about it sitting unused. And so, my hobby became my passion project.

It took months of planning and designing to transform the idea of Smithmade Essentials into a business. I'll never forget the day that I launched. I booked an event at a local brewery that offered space for makers to sell for the holiday season. I was excited and nervous. My friends and family were strong supporters, but I had no idea if people who didn't know me or anything about artisan soap would be as enthusiastic. My concerns were put to rest as people trickled into the event and bought almost every bar I'd made.

I'm so grateful for the support I've received throughout the growth of Smithmade Essentials. Because of my friends, family, and the community this passion project has grown into a small business. I've been able to continue exploring my creativity and added candles into my collection in 2019. It's my goal to continue refining my craft and sharing my passion for the art of creativity.

Smithmade Essentials is a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

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