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This is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite soap and home scents. It's also a great time to put together a care package for anyone that could use some extra love and pampering. If you're not sure what to pick, here are some of my favorite items this season to get you started.

Artisan Soap Gift Box

Artisan Soap Gift Box

Black Friday is traditionally a very busy shopping week, but with the events that have happened this year, it's best to shop from home and avoid going into crowded markets. With this in mind, I've added gift boxes to the shop which include everything you need so that you can stay home and stay safe this season.

The Artisan Soap gift box is my favorite of the two. This box lets you can choose two bars from my most popular soap. It includes a beautifully handcrafted wooden soap dish to help extend the life of the soap and a blank greeting card that's ready for your personalized message. All of this comes neatly packed into a box that's then wrapped in a Smithmade sleeve.

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Caramel Dream Wax Bark

Caramel Dream Wax Bark

Wax bark is another new addition to the shop this season. They all smell amazing, but my fave has been the Caramel Dream wax bark. This bark smells absolutely delicious. It's sweet and nutty and had my space smelling good for days after I made it. This bark is decorated with a mix of chrysanthemum, safflower, and tea leaves.

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Cypress soy candle

Cypress Soy Candle

Last year, many people asked for a Christmas candle. After surveying what others thought Christmas smelled like, I concluded that the evergreen scent of fresh-cut pine, fir, or cypress is what really reigns in the season. This is how this Cypress candle was born. It's a blend of cypress, fir, and cedarwood so that it hits all the woody notes you love no matter what kind of tree you typically use. Eucalyptus, patchouli, and moss are layered in to give this candle some complexity. This blend of scents elevates this from just a Christmas scent to a lovely frosted evergreen fragrance that's perfect for not just this time of year, but any time you want to bring the quiet vibes of the northern evergreens into your home.

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