Sunshine w. Carrots Artisan Soap WS

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Sunshine Artisan Soap is a lusciously smooth bar made with simple and all-natural ingredients. Scented with orange and litsea essential oils, this bar has a very bright and uplifting aroma. This soap is made using carrot puree which gives these bars their lovely golden hue. Created using the cold process soap making method, these bars have a textured top which is decorated with poppy seeds.

All Smithmade soaps are palm-free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

MSRP: $8.00 per bar
Wholesale Price: $4.80 per bar (40%)*
TAT: Up to 6 weeks

Weight: Approx 4oz (113g) - These soaps are hand cut so the actual weight may vary slightly.

Bar Size: 3.5"(w) x 2.5"(h) x 1"(d) 

Made With: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Castor Seed Oil, Carrot, Orange Essential Oil, Litsea Essential Oil, Poppy Seeds

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